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Aug 10 2015

ESA: Mars seen from space

Full-orbit movies produced from Visual Monitoring Camera (VMC) images acquired as part of ESA’s #VMCSchools campaign. This clip includes images acquired by ESA’s Mars Express on 25 and 26 May 2015.  

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Jul 15 2015

NASA: Five Ways Mariner 4 Changed Mars Exploration

Mariner 4 was the first spacecraft to fly by Mars and send home close-up images. Find out how the mission changed the way we explore the Red Planet.  

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Jul 08 2015

NASA: Rover’s-Eye View of Marathon on Mars

The Opportunity robot rover have been rolling around on Mars for more than eleven years now and has seen a lot. In this new video, NASA has squeezed almost all video material from the robot into one timelapse video. Check it out above or below. Road trip! This compilation of images from hazard-avoidance cameras on …

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Jul 01 2015

ESA: ExoMars

ExoMars, the European and Russian Mars project is well underway, check it out! The ExoMars spacecraft is almost complete. A joint mission between ESA and Roscosmos, it begins with the launch of the ExoMars orbiter in 2016 and carries an aerodynamically designed capsule containing a robotic lander. Getting to Mars, landing there safely and searching …

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Jun 13 2015

Tested: The Talking Room | Adam Savage Interviews ‘The Martian’ Author Andy Weir

Adam Savage welcomes author Andy Weir to The Talking Room! Andy wrote ‘The Martian’, the story of an astronaut stranded on Mars–it’s a book we can’t recommend enough. Adam and Andy talk about the research that went into writing the book, the portrayal of astronauts in fiction, and the upcoming film adaptation!  

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Jun 07 2015

PBS: Space Time | Should We Colonize Venus Instead of Mars?

Mars One. The Mars Rover. Bruno Mars. Mars Bars. It’s pretty clear we’re OBSESSED with the idea of Mars, especially in regard to it being a potential colony for earthlings. But is that really the best option? Is there a better place for us to colonize in our solar system? Well, how about Venus? Sure …

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Apr 21 2015

Nathalie Cabrol: How Mars might hold the secret to the origin of life

While we like to imagine little green men, it’s far more likely that life on other planets will be microbial. Planetary scientist Nathalie Cabrol takes us inside the search for microbes on Mars, a hunt which counterintuitively leads us to the remote lakes of the Andes mountains. This extreme environment — with its thin atmosphere …

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Feb 11 2015

The Guardian: If I die on Mars | Guardian Docs

Meet the people who’ve volunteered to be on the first manned mission to Mars … and stay there. Three volunteers are on the shortlist to be among four people on the Mars One programme, the first manned space flight to Mars – a one-way trip that’s effectively a suicide mission. A physics student in the …

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Jan 26 2015

NASA JPL: Crazy Engineering | Mars Helicopter

JPL engineers are working on a small helicopter that could ‘scout’ a trail for future Mars rovers, but getting a chopper that could fly in the Martian atmosphere is tricky. Episode 2 of Crazy Engineering.  

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Jan 25 2015

NASA: 11 Years and Counting | Opportunity on Mars

The Mars Opportunity rover has driven 25.9 miles (41.7 kilometers) since it landed in the Meridiani Planum region of Mars on Jan. 25, 2004 (Universal Time, which was Jan. 24, PST). That is farther than any other off-Earth surface vehicle has driven. The rover’s work on Mars was initially planned for three months. During that …

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Jan 18 2015

BBC Science Hour: Beagle 2, Gold rush, Soil and antibiotics

  Lost Beagle2 probe found ‘intact’ on Mars. Gold Rush in South American Rainforests. Team succeed in isolating a new antibiotic. Pregnant women and Ebola. Animal personalities. China offers ‘childbirth pain’ lessons for men. BBC Science Hour brings you science news and highlights of the week from BBC World Service. The Science Hour is a …

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Dec 08 2014

Science Times: Exploring Mars

The New York Times: Science Times Podcasts Want to know more about black holes? Or progress in the cure for cancer? Learn about the latest news and trends in science, medicine and the environment from the reporters and editors of the popular Science Times section of The New York Times. David Corcoran is your host. …

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Dec 05 2014

NASA: Orion Journey To Mars

NASA is developing the capabilities needed to send humans to an asteroid by 2025 and Mars in the 2030s – goals outlined in the bipartisan NASA Authorization Act of 2010 and in the U.S. National Space Policy, also issued in 2010.  

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Dec 02 2014

NASA: Journey to Mars News Briefing

On Dec. 2, two days before the launch of the Orion spacecraft’s first flight test (Exploration Flight Test-1), NASA held a news briefing, with participants at Kennedy Space Center and NASA Headquarters in Washington, to discuss the agency’s Journey to Mars and the critical role Orion’s flight test plays in the endeavor.   ________________ Orion …

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Nov 26 2014

AMNH: Science Bulletins | Focus on Mars

This month’s Astro News features a roundup of Mars stories: • A high-resolution map of Mars’s surface shows geologic structures in more detail than ever before. • Two missions—MOM and MAVEN—made orbit around the Red Planet. • 900 images are assembled to create a billion-pixel panorama of Gale Crater.  

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Nov 20 2014

BBC Science in Action: 20 Nov 14: Early Results from Philae; NASA plans for Mars; Agricultural Emissions; Twisted Light; African Engineering Prize

Philae’s instrument detects organic materials on Comet 67P; Future plans for NASA; A Global look at Agricultural Emissions; Sending data with Twisted Light; African Engineering Prize. Science in Action provides you with the new developments in science and science news from around the world, weekly from BBC World Service.   http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/worldservice/scia/scia_20141120-2030a.mp3

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Oct 25 2014

This Week @NASA: Images from comet’s Mars flyby

Several Mars-based NASA spacecraft had prime viewing positions for comet Siding Spring’s October 19 close flyby of the Red Planet. Early images included a composite photo from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope that combined shots of Mars, the comet, and a star background to illustrate Siding Spring’s distance from Mars at closest approach. Also, images from …

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Oct 19 2014

NASA ScienceCasts: First Light for MAVEN

NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft has reached Mars and it is beaming back “First Light” images of the Red Planet’s upper atmosphere. The data could help researchers understand what transformed Mars from a hospitable planet billions of years ago into a desiccated wasteland today.  

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Oct 17 2014

The Verge: The Big Future | Can we colonize Mars?

Big Future is a series of articles of videos at the THE Verge. Here they discuss scientific theories about man’s future. In this week’s episode they explore a future where we would colonize Mars.

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Sep 28 2014

BBC Science Hour: India Mars, Exoplanets, Ebola Update

India has successfully put a satellite into orbit around Mars. Finding Exoplanet Water. Switching off Talad ventilators in Israel. Planck satellite suggests dust found in our own galaxy may have confounded what was thought to be a universal revelation.A new facial expression recognition system recognises expressions of people it’s never seen before. Language of science. …

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