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Aug 28 2015

NASA: Comic-Con: Journey to Mars and The Martian

For the second year in a row, NASA participated in Comic-Con International in San Diego. NASA experts took part in two panel discussions during the conference on Thursday, July 9. NASA’s participation continues the agency’s efforts to engage and inspire the next generation of American innovators and explorers in our #JourneyToMars.  

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Nov 10 2014

Discovery Channel: The Science Of Interstellar

Interstellar Featurette “The Science Of Interstellar / Building A Black Hole” (2014) Matthew McConaughey Sci-Fi Movie HD. Click here for a bonus clip with Neil degrasse Tyson.   http://youtu.be/6c_CW3Iv6j4

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May 25 2014

Peter Field: What if… Hollywood got history right?

Dr Peter Field, Associate Professor of History, College of Arts • Is there a premium on truth in movies? • Does Hollywood’s take on history come to us with a specific slant? • What if Hollywood actually got history right? Hollywood at the beginning of the twenty-first century stands as America’s most valuable export, grossing …

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