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Aug 27 2015

Science Magazine: Secretive fusion energy company makes steady-state breakthrough

California‚Äôs Tri Alpha Energy continues progress toward a viable alternative fusion reactor.  

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May 19 2015

ITER: ITER Fly-through

A 2-min fly-through in the ITER Tokamak!  

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Oct 30 2014

BBC In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg: Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is the process that powers stars. In the 1920s physicists predicted that it might be possible to generate huge amounts of energy by fusing atomic nuclei together, a reaction requiring enormous temperatures and pressures. Scientists have achieved fusion in the laboratory and today it is seen as a possible future source of limitless …

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Oct 16 2014

Lockheed Martin: Compact Fusion Research & Development

Lockheed Martin “Skunk Works” (Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs (ADP)) has provided new details to the public about its work in compact fusion. “At Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, we’re making advancements in the development of fusion energy, the ultimate form of renewable power. Our scientists and engineers are looking at the biggest natural fusion reactor …

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