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Aug 14 2015

NASA: Sea Surface Height Anomaly | An Enormous El Nino?

When scientists declared in March 2015 that El NiƱo conditions had developed in the Pacific Ocean, the consensus was that the event was too weak and too late to have much effect on North America. But in the past several months, warm water has been sloshing from the western Pacific toward the Americas and El …

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May 23 2015

BBC Science Hour: El Nino; Mind Reading Robotics;Colour Constancy

  El Nino is a weather event that happens every five years yet it is hard to predict; Controlling a robotic arm through the power of intention alone; Colour Constancy; Why don’t snakes have legs? Shedding light on the btain; Music in the genes. BBC Science Hour brings you science news and highlights of the …

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